29 Ağustos 2009 Cumartesi

Roland Jupiter 8 Sound for Kontakt

The Roland Jupiter-8 , is one of the most popular & sought after vintage
keyboardz ever!! The request come in time and time again,asking for me to
create a nice build of this machine. So, Ive given it my best effort, and
used every resource I could find, from sample set cd'z to My own hardware
samples of my Jupiter, even a bit borrowed from the'Arturia Jupiter V8' .

The thing I think I like most about this build, not only was it fun to
work on creating these fine soundz, but to layer, or add to them a bit, even
in some case's....To Thicken them up 'MORE'

then the Jup can do on its own!!
Included: ( 300 meg / 624-Filez / 21-Folderz )

- 44 x 16 & 24 bit mono wave files

- Especially nice Gui for your viewing pleasure !!!
- ALL controls are right out front for you to use !!

- Padz
- Horns
- Synthz
- Sequencer
- Bass
- EFx
- Perc
Roland Jupiter 8 Sound for Kontakt
Pass = vsTcLUb

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