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Roland Juno-G DVD Video Tutorial Demonstration

Roland Juno-G DVD Video Tutorial Demonstration

Roland Jupiter 8 Sound for Kontakt

The Roland Jupiter-8 , is one of the most popular & sought after vintage
keyboardz ever!! The request come in time and time again,asking for me to
create a nice build of this machine. So, Ive given it my best effort, and
used every resource I could find, from sample set cd'z to My own hardware
samples of my Jupiter, even a bit borrowed from the'Arturia Jupiter V8' .

The thing I think I like most about this build, not only was it fun to
work on creating these fine soundz, but to layer, or add to them a bit, even
in some case's....To Thicken them up 'MORE'

then the Jup can do on its own!!
Included: ( 300 meg / 624-Filez / 21-Folderz )

- 44 x 16 & 24 bit mono wave files

- Especially nice Gui for your viewing pleasure !!!
- ALL controls are right out front for you to use !!

- Padz
- Horns
- Synthz
- Sequencer
- Bass
- EFx
- Perc
Roland Jupiter 8 Sound for Kontakt
Pass = vsTcLUb

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South Indian Traditional Veena vst instrument for Kontakt

The Veena is one of the most ancient and revered of South Indian instruments.

Veena has an interesting construction. It has a body made of wood, generally, this is jackwood.
The highest quality veenas have the entire body carved from a single block of wood, while the ordinary veenas have a body which is carved in three sections (resonator, neck and head).
There are 24 frets made of brass bars set into wax. There is another resonator at the top of the neck of the veena. This is no longer a functioning resonator, but is mainly used as a stand to facilitate the positioning of the instrument when it is played. Because it is no longer functioning it is not unusual to find that this upper resonator may be made of acoustically neutral materials such as paper mache, cane or other similar materials.

Unlike north Indian instruments like the sitar, the veena has no sympathetic strings. It has only four playing strings and three drone strings (thalam). The main bridge is a flat bar made of brass. This bar has a very slight curve. It is this light curve which gives the veena its characteristic sound. A major centre for the manufacture of the Saraswati veeni is in Tanjore.


* 52" Long
* 24 brass frets
* 7 strings.
* Painted and carved peg box.
* With wooden shell case.
* Most popular traditional Veena.
* A fine quality instrument.

I have Attached Sample file which explains the scale and usage detail in its traditional way.But its tough to reporduce in VST ..





Pass :


Casio FZ-1 sound wav files for kontakt

The Casio FZ-1 is an impressive sampler/synthesizer keyboard from 1987. Its offerings at the time were very professional features. In an 8-voice polyphonic full 61-note keyboard synthesizer you get a 16-bit digital sampler with variable 9kHz to 36kHz sampling rates. 1MB of memory expandable to 2MB could provide a maximum time of almost 2 minutes sample time at 9kHz. Up to 64 samples can be held in memory and placed across the keyboard. Graphic editing on the big LCD screen provides intuitive and easier editing of your samples with tuning, truncating, looping and much more. It also has eight outputs and analog-like 8-stage filters (DCF) and envelopes (DCA).

:: INCLUDED: ( 55 meg / 854-Filez / 13-Folderz ) ::

- 44 x 16 & 24 bit mono wave filez.
- Two user Interface's, EFx and ASDR all out front!!

- 001 Synth

- 002 Perc

- 003 EFx

Pass = vsTcLUb

Available for users only http://rapidshare.com/files/272227436/FZ1.rar

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Roland D-50 sounds for Kontakt WAV & NKI files

Roland D-50 sounds for Kontakt WAV & NKI files

Samples list WAV and NKI:
Amazing Solo
Arco strings
Baroque Strings
Chicago Heaven
Chorus Strat
Christmas Bells
Compu Singers
Cross Road Blues
D50 Strings
Eye Brasspad
Flow Keys
Gamelan Bell
Ghost Voice Roland
Hall strings
Harping Bells
Heaven Piano
Hollo Lead Mini
Living Calliope
Lordes Sign
Neck Slide
OBH Brassy
OK Chorale
Painful Clav
Perc Ahh
Psycho Strings
Rich Strings
Six Strings
Soft Heaven Piano
Staccato Heaven
Strings Orchestra
Tine Wave
Vox n Saw
Wired Up


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Roland Fantom-Xa DVD Video Tutorial DemonstrationRoland Fantom-Xa DVD Video Tutorial Demonstration

Roland Fantom-Xa DVD Video Tutorial Demonstration

Roland Fantom-Xa DVD Video Tutorial Demonstration

Korg Triton Extreme DVD Video Tutorial Demonstration

Korg Triton Extreme DVD Video Tutorial Demonstration

Korg Triton Studio DVD Video Tutorial Demonstration

Korg Triton Studio DVD Video Tutorial Demonstration

Korg D16XD D32XD XD series DVD Video Tutorial Demonstration

Korg D16XD D32XD XD series DVD Video Tutorial Demonstration

Zildjian sound samples

One of Japan's top drummers, Akira Jimbo has collaborated on a new set of exciting K Custom Hybrid cymbals.
Available in ride, crash, hi-hats, China and splash models, the K Custom Hybrid Series combines the unlathed,
brilliant finish of the K Custom Ride on the inner half with the traditionally finished K Zildjian lathing on
the outer half of the cymbal. Besides having a cool new look, this results in two different sounds and dynamics
depending exactly where the cymbal is played. Additionally, the unlathed section helps to control the wash and
sustain--an added plus for recording and live gigs.

The 20-inch ride amazingly combines the defined stick attack and strong bell sound of the K Custom Ride with the
sound of a thin, lathed crash. The 17 and 19-inch crashes, 9 and 11-inch splashes and 19-inch China also feature
a thinner design, but project like heavier cymbals due to the unlathed bell area.

The 13 º-inch hi-hats, like all the Hybrids use Hybrid Hammering where reversed Mastersound grooves are caused
by hammering into the bottom of the cymbal from the opposite side. This results in increased surface area contact
between the top and bottom cymbals, a warmer chick and wash than normal Mastersound hammering.

DOWNLOAD|Password: www.vstclub.com

Accordeon Giulietti for Kontakt

Accordeon Giulietti for Kontakt



Pass: www.vstclub.com

Berklee Instant Keyboard: Play Right Now! Summary:

Berklee Instant Keyboard: Play Right Now! Summary:

This cool new keyboard method will have students of all ages jammin' right away! It features simple lessons to get
you playing instantly, tips on playing and locking in with a bass player and rhythm section, and strategies to help
you understand the keyboard and develop your own keyboard parts. Jam with the band in a variety of musical styles
including rock, blues, country and funk - on the accompanying CD.

pass: vstclub.com



Korg Trinity is a commercially successful synthesizer music workstation released by Korg in 1996. It was also the first workstation to offer modular expansion for not only sounds, but also studio-grade feature such as SCSI, ADAT, various sound engine processors, audio recording capability, and more. It was considered one of the most comprehensive music workstation, in term of features, at the time.

Ex-Dream Theater keyboardist Derek Sherinian in collaboration with KORG sound designer Jack Hotop created Sherinian's signature guitaristic lead sound on the Trinity in 1996.

Many users to this day feel that it's successor, Triton, never had the same "sound" and the Trinity had a more airy/clear sound to it.



FUNK & R&B KEYBOARD METHOD BK/CD (Progressive) Summary:

A great introduction to the world of Funk, R&B, Soul&Gospel keyboard playing. Covers the basics of playing good keyboard parts by concentrating on rhythm, along with other essential elemnts uch as inventing riffs, two handed accompaniment styles and solo playing. Comes with a CD with all the lessons from the book.

pass: vstclub.com