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Analog Synthesizers Connected to a Computer.

In order to Midi-up your old analog synths you will need a Midi-to-CV/Gate converter. These devices translate Midi data into control volatge (CV) and gate or trigger. This allows you to play your analog synths and in many cases edit filter and envelope parameters from a Midi controller. In this situation, a Computer with sequencing software is used with a Roland SH-101 and TB-303. The computer can be either Macintosh, Widows PC or Atari. It connects to a Midi Interface such as Mark of the Unicorn's Midi Time Piece, Midi Express, Opcode's Studio series or an internal AWE64 type card. This interface however only needs a few Midi in/out ports since it will only be connecting to one device, the Midi-to-CV/Gate converter.

The Midi-to-CV/Gate connections to the Roland SH-101 shown above are straight forward. Be sure to configure the Converter to transmit the proper form of CV/Gate for your brand of synthesizer. The Roland SH-101 uses 1 Volt/Octave.

The TB-303 is capable of receiving Roland's propietary DIN Sync 24 clock. If you're Midi-to-CV/Gate converter supports this type of sync, then Midi Clock from you're computer can be transferred to the TB-303 to trigger it in sync with you're computer sequencer. However, you can not play the TB-303 from the keyboard controller without an expensive Midi or CV/Gate Retrofit.

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