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Arturia ARP 2600V

Arturia has been doing amazing work in the business of providing computer-based musicians analog emulations of classic synths (like the CS-80 V and Moog Modular V). Now they have brought us the king of classic modular synthesizers with the ARP 2600V. Using their own TAE (True Analog Emulation) technology they have recreated the look and sound of an ARP 2600 along with the famous ARP Sequencer Model 1601 and an ARP keyboard for an absolute monster package of awesome analog sounds for around $249! And it supports all major plug-in and stand-alone formats for Macintosh and Windows computers (VSTi, DXi, RTAS, HTDM, Audio Units, DirectX, ASIO, CoreAudio).

Arturia ARP 2600V, Specifications
Polyphony - 2 to 32 voices with Unison possibilities
Oscillators - 3 VCOs (osc 1: saw, sqr. osc 2 & 3: saw, sqr, sin, tri) with Osc. 1 and 2 hard-sync.
Modulation - 1 LFO with saw, sqr, sin tri waveforms and MIDI sync. 1 Sample-and-Hold.
Filter - Multimode lowpass, highpass, bandpass, notch.
VCA/Envelopes - 1 VCA with Ring Mod. 2 Envelopes: 1 ADSR and 1 AR. 1 Envelope Follower.
Arpeg/Seq - ARP Model 1601 Sequencer: 16-step analog-style sequencer with MIDI sync.
Keyboard - Virtual 49-note keyboard
Effects - Spring Reverb, Chorus, Delay
Memory - Ships with over 400 presets. Unlimited patch memory.
Interfaces - Stand-Alone: DirectX, ASIO, CoreAudio.
Plug-In: VSTi, DXi, RTAS, HTDM, Audio Units.
Macintosh - OS X 10.2 or higher, 1GHz, 256MB RAM
Windows/PC - Windows 98SE/2000/XP, 1GHz, 256MB RAM
Date Produced - 2004
Est. Value - $249

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