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Roland JD-800

The JD-800 is Roland's answer to half a decade of hard-to-program synthesizers. Covered in sliders that act as dedicated editors just like a classic analog synth, the JD-800 is an extremely programmable and hands-on digital synthesizer. It is also an interesting and great sounding digital synth with incredible flexibility and control. Internal ROM based waveforms are combined to build your sounds. The sounds are based on Roland's D-50, but updated for the nineties with multimode filters - uncommon but welcome at the time. Unlike classic synths that came in wood cases, the JD-800 came in a somewhat cheap plastic case and wasn't very sexy. Programming is a little too scientific for most but once you know what you're doing with it, almost any sound you can dream up can be dialed in and stored. It's used by William Ørbit, Emerson Lake & Palmer, 808 State, Ken Ishii, Astral Projection, Rabbit in the Moon, Depeche Mode, Underworld, Tangerine Dream, LTJ Bukem, Apollo 440, Jean Michel Jarre, ATB, Vangelis, Pet Shop Boys, Faithless, Luke Vibert, Mouse on Mars, Laurent Garnier, MC Hammer, Bushflange, Genesis, and Eat Static.
Polyphony - 24 voices
Oscillators - ROM based digital synthesizer
#Instruments - 6 part multitimbral
Keyboard - 61 key keyboard with velocity
Arpeg/Seq - NO
Control - MIDI
Date Produced - 1991-93
Est. Value - $1,450

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