16 Ocak 2010 Cumartesi

Korg DSS-1

A wonderful early digital synthesizer. With eight notes of polyphony, two oscillators per voice, a noise source, two multi-stage envelopes, a resonant filter and auto-bend, the DSS-1 has much in common with Korg's previous flagship DW-8000. But it went much further, boasting twin digital delays, oscillator sync, an improved unison mode, a lush analog VCF switchable between 12 and 24dB, and more. Whereas the DW-8000 got its raw material from 16 stored digital waves, the DSS1's oscillators take their source from sampling, additive synthesis, or even hand-drawn waveforms!

It actually had a warm sound and was great for creating pads and textures, as well as deep basses and drones. The synthesis method is based on altering various waveform samples via 2 data sliders. It can sample and then treat the samples as its waveforms - that includes all filtering and envelopes. The DSM-1 was the expanded rackmount version. It was used by Jean Michel Jarre, Joe Zawinul, Michael Cretu of Enigma, Mark Jenkins, Hiro Kawahara, Paul Nagle, Shriekback, and Steve Winwood.

Polyphony - 8 Voices
Oscillators - 16 - 2 oscillators per voice
Sampler - 256k
Memory - 5 sec sampling
Synthesis - 128 Sine waveforms you re-shape using 2 sliders
Keyboard - 61 keys w/ velocity and aftertouch
Filter - Lowpass 2 or 4 pole + envelope
Control - MIDI
Date Produced - 1986
Est. Value - $300 - $600

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