16 Ocak 2010 Cumartesi

Model of an Efficient Midi Studio.

This illustrates a typical and very efficient Midi studio that combines vintage analog synths with modern Midi synths and a computer system. This model takes advantage of the built-in Midi-to-CV/Gate converter and the DIN Sync 24 output found in the Novation Bass Station and Drum Station, respectively.

The computer, either Macintosh, Windows PC or Atari, is the heart of this studio. It may hold various software sequencer and synth emulation packages. But to control the various synths, it must be connected to a Midi Interface. This Midi Interface should have at least 6 inputs and outputs for each of your Midi devices. Simply connect the Midi in/outs of each synth to the Interface and they're ready! In this example, the Yamaha CS2x is the Master Keyboard Controller and can be used exculsively to control all the other synths in this set-up.

As for the analog gear, in this case it's a Roland SH-101 and TB-303, we can use the built-in CV/Gate and Din Sync in the Novation modules. The Bass Station has a fully functional Midi-to-CV/Gate converter with assignable Midi channels so you can control both the Bass Station and the analog synth independently. The Drum Station can transmit Midi Clock or Sync out its Roland DIN Sync 24 jack to control the vintage Roland TB-303, TR-808, TR-909 and TR-606 machines.

Additional sounds can be created using the Novation SuperNova and Akai S3200 sampler. And for added hipness an Electrix FIlter Factory is connected, via Midi so you can program tweaks and filter-edits into your sequencer or control it from the CS2x.

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